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“Receiving the massage therapy from you has been most satisfying. The treatments have helped me in my weight training and tennis. You are also very interesting to talk to, which is what I would rather do than sleep.”  – anonymous

“With my active lifestyle and busy schedule, you have been a Godsend. Your smooth touch to the areas of stress and to the deep muscles, your massage therapy and knowledge of various types of massage are tremendous.”  – anonymous

“Jaber, A fantastic therapist with a big heart, a healthy spirit and the best hands in the business. You relax me!”  – anonymous

This was the first professional massage I’ve ever received and wow, I could not have picked a better place. The staff of this personable spa is very friendly, and as a first-time client I received a guided tour by Jaber himself. There are hairstylists, manicurists, and massage therapists. After the meet and greet, I sat down in a very relaxing rocking chair to hear Jaber’s story.

I came across Touch of Japan by what I thought was coincidence. I believe now that it was divine guidance. Jaber Audi has blessed hands and is a most loving soul. With gentle warmth and kindness and by using Shiatsu massage, he knows how to ease your worries and stress… inside and out. Using oils, hot towels, soft music, relaxed lighting, a comfortable massage table, and his magical hands, you are taken to another land. I wish I met Jaber many years ago, but am so happy that he came into my life yesterday. During the massage session (which lasts about 1.5 hrs), I joked that the dictionary must have a picture of his face next to the word “heaven”. The whole experience was very blissful.

It is apparent to me that his joy and passion for life pours out to his clients, and I believe that he is making the world a better place by sharing true love and compassion with others. If everyone dedicated themselves the way he does, the world would be a very different place.

Thank you again, Jaber. You are a blessing. I hope to see you again soon!


PHENOMINAL is truly an understatement when experiencing a Touch of Japan massage session with Jaber Audi. There has never been a more extraordinary experience in massage therapy. Jaber Audi is a well educated masseuse and wellness advisor who will spend as much time needed to focus on all the strained areas of an individual body to heal and de-stress any condition. With the use of many techniques like: Reflexology, Lymph Drainage, Acupressure, positive thoughts, massage, jojoba oil, warm wax for arthritic joints…. to just name a few! With these many techniques one receives added benefit beyond ordinary massage. In entering his office, it is easy for an individual to feel at home and become lost in the world of leisure and rejuvenation. Jaber works intently to rid an individuals “excess baggage” built up throughout the day. He then uses Acupressure to promote “clear thinking/focus” as he diligently works for you without watching the clock! The use of heated moist towels gives Jaber the ability to truly detangle any knot or tense muscle due to stress. After this extraordinary session Jaber provides chilled water and a healthy snack, fee of charge. Once an hour or more has past you not only feel like a new person but have gained a true friend who seeks your well being.

Thank you Jaber for all your help!!

This experience is out of this world Ido recomend touch of japan toevery one whoneeds help,. Jaber Audi is an experienced person in every aspect.I don’t recomend him for people who are only tired, but also to pregnant women whether in their early month or before delivery,he does help to make your delivery easy and safe,. even for people who arehealthy he gives a wonderful maintenance for the whole body.His techniques are one of a kind,what ever I say does not explainable, I’ve tried massages all over the world but nothing equal to Jaber’s touch. Jaber is one of a kind it’s worth driving from where ever you are to get Jaber sized .What Jaber does is not a luxory but a necesity,you do maintenance to your car your house what about your body !! The filtered water he gives is a very tasty water like a real spring water.He doesn’t call his session a massage but a treatment & a body maintenance,and it’s worth it.Call him and get Jaber sized.



Relaxing and Rejuvinating masage: I enjoyed my massage session. Jaber Audi was really nice to show me his entire office and explain things in detail (holistic healing). He did a complete massage on my head, arms, hands, legs, feet, back….It is totally worth the time, and money. It was really relaxing and I feel rejuvinated afterwards. I even got a healthy snack and bottle water to end the session.


Great massage therapy, and most of all, very helpful. Jaber’s unique long sessions helped me to recover from a pain after an accident in 10 sessions. I don’t feel the hip pain any longer. I’m finding it amazing, since it is unusually quick recovery for my body. I do have some experience with accidents 🙁 Jaber is a professional and accredited massage therapist, and on top of that he is a nice pleasant person. He did a combination of different techniques on my full body. It’s a very relaxing and healing experience.