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“I never expected that I would become a therapist. There was an unfortunate time in my life when I suffered a severe back injury. The idea of taking medication was just not an option for me because of all the side effects that would have on me and my body. I chose to pursue more natural treatment therapy options to feel better.

My treatment turned out to be so successful that, even though I did have a Psychology degree, I would learn about therapy and develop my skills in that area. It was at that moment that Touch of Japan emerged. The pleasure of helping others feel right has been an incredible journey that I have enjoyed for over 15 years now.”

Jaber’s preventative body maintenance became a necessity for many. He has helped numerous patients experience successful recovery throughout the world. Jaber can help you and invites you to Touch of Japan where you can experience the healing hands of this gentle therapist.

Come and get Jabersized today!

Wellness Center

Our Touch of Japan wellness center is a most relaxing environment. The soothing massage along with the great atmosphere that we provide insures that your time with us goes far beyond your therapeutic success.

We inviite you to come by and meet with us so that you can see for yourself that Touch of Japan is the perfect choice for you to deal with unnecessary aches and pains as well as stress.

We can help you feel better. We guarantee it.