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Touch of Japan’s expertise in healing therapy has been helping people achieve relaxation and optimal health by implementing massage techniques with their 20 years of experience. After suffering a back injury, Jaber Audi, MST, LMT, CST, realized a need for alternative healing to medications that frequently come with a long list of unwanted side effects. As he founded Touch of Japan with the simple promise to give an opportunity as he was given to make people better.

Jaber Audi provides his clients with a myriad of therapies including acupressure, craniosacral therapy, deep tissue, muscle release, aqua massage, lymph drainage, and Swedish massage. Popular Japanese massage, Shiatsu, shi meaning finger and atsu meaning pressure, helps the body achieve balance, pain relief and promote overall health. Jaber operates on the belief that “the best medicine is no medicine, ” and his clients have come to reap the rewards of a pain free body.

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